Police and rescue workers were called to a Jomtien condominium complex yesterday (October 5).

After receiving reports that a Cambodian man had climbed to the top of a tree there and was threatening to kill himself.

The man named only as Wo, 34, from Cambodia was reportedly stressed after his friends had played a prank on him involving social media.

VIDEO : Rescuer falls from a tree trying to save Cambodian man in Pattaya

Though the man did not end up jumping one of the men who climbed the tree to persuade him to come down did end up plummeting from the tree and fortunately for the rescuer ended up half landing on an inflated airbag cushioning some of the fall.

Officers and fire department personnel were dispatched to the View Talay 5 Condominium complex after a report that a man had climbed roughly 30 feet up a tree threatening to kill himself.

A large crowd had gathered by the time rescuers arrived all taking in the drama.

Initially a rescuer was sent up to retrieve the man in the basket of a cherry picker but when this proved not to be working a rescuer decided to climb up and try and talk the Wo down.

After a chat Wo decided to climb down and everyone thought the drama was over once he was out of the tree but the rescuer fell after a branch did not support his weight sending him crashing to the ground.

VIDEO : Rescuer falls from a tree trying to save Cambodian man in Pattaya

The Branch hit another rescue worker on the ground causing minor injury.

The rescuer who fell had his fall partially broken by an inflated airbag and escaped without major injury.

Wo was taken away by Pattaya police officer who said that the man was allegedly stressed after his friends took a picture of him sleeping posting it on Facebook stating that he was an out of work drug dealer, leading Wo to climb the tree.

VIDEO : Rescuer falls from a tree trying to save Cambodian man in Pattaya

Wo Admitted to officers that he at tried taking drugs before but was not a dealer and a check of his record brought up no drug related offenses.

The would-be tree jumper was however charged with illegal entry into Thailand and is now in the process of being deported back to Cambodia.

Source : Siamchonnews

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