Roach in Coach: Thai Airways to spray bug repellent in planes in response to in-flight cockroach (VIDEO)

Thai Airways will spray bug repellent in all of their planes after a Thai passenger filmed a small cockroach walking all over the magazine rack in front of her seat on a flight to Bangkok from Japan’s Hokkaido.

The video was shared by Facebook page Hokkaidofanclub Monday night, with a humorous assumption that the freeloading cockroach probably got on the plane while it was parked in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to fly to Japan.

“A cockroach snuck into the plane and got to Hokkaido for free. A fan page sent us this video. What if the cockroach decided to stay in Japan?” the caption said.

The roach incident was captured Friday, on flight TG671. Judging from the fact that cockroaches aren’t so common in colder regions such as Hokkaido, it’s safe to assume that this was a Bangkok-born cockroach.

Aside from spraying all of their 80 planes, Chalermphol Kaewchinporn, a Thai Airways director, said the airline will improve its hygiene standardsSpring News reported.

“It would take about one week to spray every plane, and we’ve instructed the cleaners to pay attention to details and clean the food scraps off the floor.”

He added that Thai Airways haven’t had any cockroach problems since the planes are sprayed regularly, but he assumed this one has become resistant to the pesticides over times.

“I assume the roach has become drugs-resistant but we’ve ordered a new pesticide.”

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