A company is developing a robot that can provide certain “adult services” for men.

Yes soon you will be able to own your very own robot that can give “head” and will never say no.

VIDEO : Robot Head Anyone?

The company, Arlan Robotics, claim the completed robot will look, smell and feel like the real thing and provide men with an amazing experience.

In the video, the robotic babe is seen sucking on a banana and a lolly, performing realistic head movements, whilst wearing a parka and boots. The outfit is to hide the fact that only the mechanics of the robot are available at present.

Once complete, the UK company could have a winner on its hands.

The device will come with a choice of heads including a male version.

So tell us guys – would you buy one?

Source : Iflscience

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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