The Muze Bar in Pattaya has suffered serious fire damage during a blaze on Monday afternoon, resulting it the roof collapsing.

Ten fire engines attended the scene, where four people had to be rescued, suffering from smoke inhalation.

The bar, on Pattayasaisong 4 was under renovation at the time.

Firefighters were restricted due to the venue having only one entrance, making it difficult to tackle the blaze, which was unbridled due to the presence of insulation foam and furniture, which were alight in no time.

Firemen worked as fast as they could to prevent the fire from spreading to a nearby hotel and apartments.

The roof gave way as the fire raged for for over 90 minutes.

Roof Collapses During Pattaya Bar Fire

The fire is believed to have started when sparks from welding equipment came in contact with noise-reduction foam. The fire gathered momentum, spreading fast around the building.

Damage is believed to be in excess of ten million baht.

Source : Bangkokpost

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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