On Monday (February 25) Love Pattaya reported that 10 Russian nationals were all arrested after a raid on a hotel here in the city was carried out by Pattaya police after they learnt that a “sex seminar” was being conducted at the hotel.

One of the 10 arrested Anastasia Vashukevich also known as “Nastya Rybka” has previously grabbed media headlines after filming herself on a yacht with a Russian Oligarch along with Russia’s deputy prime minister.

Well now the Russian model and sex training instructor has taken to social media claiming that she will provided evidence that proves links between Russia and US President Donald Trump to whoever is able to free her from her current predicament her in Thailand.

Taking to Instagram whilst in police custody yesterday Vashukevich asked for help from US journalists and intelligence operatives to orchestrate her release from jail.

She said “I am the only witness and the missing link in the connection between Russia and the US elections” speaking in a live post yesterday.


She said in exchange for her release and a guarantee of her safety she is prepared to provide information to whoever is able to free her.

So far Vashukevich has provided no evidence to support her claims.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has declined to comment since the posts have appeared online.

According to the Russian media Vashukevich was one of the instructors at a hotel here in Pattaya offering sex seminars where those in attendance paid $600 each for a five day course.

Source: South China Morning Post

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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