It’s fair to say Thailand like most countries has its fair share of dangerous animals, however for most people its snakes or crocodiles that spring to mind first.

Well now it seems monkeys are being added to the list.

It was reported by BEC Tero TV that a group of monkeys attacked a Russian woman at a temple in Krabi.

VIDEO : Russian tourist needs hospital treatment after monkey attack in Krabi

After seeing the report however it’s only fair to say that 52-year-old Natalie Woloshina seems to be a little bit to blame for the incident as well.

It was reported that the monkeys circled Natalie in an attempt to get food and she decided to throw water on their heads for a laugh…

The monkeys evidently not impressed with the water fight resulted in one of the monkeys biting her upper arm, the injury required medical treatment at the scene and a trip for further treatment at the Krabi Hospital.

The television presenter on the show reminded both tourists and locals not to antagonise the monkeys at the Wat Tham Seua temple or monkeys anywhere else in the kingdom for their own safety.

Source : BECtero

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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