Tourists In Samui and Phangan Warned That Box Jellyfish Have Arrived And Are Capable Of Causing Death In A Matter Of Minutes

A deadly species of box jellyfish which is capable of causing death in as little as two minutes have been found on Lamai Beach in Samui.

A hospital in nearby Koh Phangan has released a warning to tourists to not go into the sea at night, presumably because the jellyfish settle on the ocean floor at night to sleep making them harder to spot and increasing the chance of someone accidently being stung.

Know in Thai as “Maeng kaphun lai sai” they regularly arrive each year in the area around July and August.

The hospital warned of how dangerous the creatures can be stating that a sting is capable of killing a person in 2-10 minutes.

They advised operators on the beaches to stock up on vinegar which helps to deactivate the stinging cells if someone does get stung and make tourists aware of the jellyfish.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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