Following last month’s orders from Thailand’s Chief of police regarding the length of officer’s hair it seems Sattahip’s police chief has decided to take matters into his own hands.

On February 12 Pol. Col. Chalothorn Preampree led his officers in a ceremony outside of the station during which they sang patriotic songs, once complete he ordered all in attendance to remove their hats so he could inspect their haircuts.

Officers of the Royal Thai police are required to keep their hair short and smart at a length of no more than three centimetres and are not permitted to have sideburns.

Sattahip police chief gets tough with officers over hair length

Following the chief’s inspection four non-commissioned officers were highlighted as having locks that did not conform to standards and were marched off to the barbers.

It was Sattahip’s traffic police officers that received praise following the inspection with all officers passing and sporting the same haircut.

It was not just haircuts on the chief’s hit list however officer’s uniforms were also closely scrutinised to make sure their brown attire was correctly ironed and fitted to conform to the National Police Chiefs standards.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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