There has always been scams going around the internet, such as the wealthy African, who has to move large amounts of money out of his country and needs you to provide your bank account details to transfer the cash to you.

But this latest one cost a Thai lady a substantial amount of money as a man claiming to be an American soldier, pulled the wool over her eyes. He managed to con the lady from Nakhon Si Thammarat out of a whopping 692,000 baht.

He claimed he had a fortune, which he seized from Islamic State militants. He befriending Marasee Thanaprasitchai, 56 on Facebook and began his elaborate plan to take her money. Once he had gained her confidence, he told her he would send her three bags filled with US dollars but needed money to cover the postal costs.

Scammer Cons Thai Woman Out Of Almost 700,000 Baht
Scammer Cons Thai Woman Out Of Almost 700,000 Baht

She sent the money to a man known as John Walsh, who chatted via messages in Thai. He informed her he had obtained the bags of cash containing more than 100 million baht during his time in the forces. He told her he could not spend the cash in the US without facing prosecution and offered to send her the money, rather than lose it.

She was told to send money to two separate companies and a Thai lady called Phawinee Torsee, with the money being used to cover delivery and customs charges.

Scammer Cons Thai Woman Out Of Almost 700,000 Baht

But when he asked for a final payment of 140,000 baht, she refused and informed the police. When she told Walsh of her plans, he ended the conversation.

It is unclear if the mysterious Mr Walsh has been traced but let this be a lesson to anyone else.

If it sounds to good to be true folks – it probably is. Save your hard earned money and decline such offers from strangers.

Source : Thenation

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