Late night beach goers in Jomtien were treated to a bit of a sight in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a Chinese woman removed all her cloths and went for a swim

A passer-by was concerned by the woman’s behaviour and called Pattaya police who turned up with the right equipment to hand the bizarre situation, an umbrella to keep dry as it was raining and a towel to save the woman’s blushes.

VIDEO : Skinny dipping Chinese woman causes a scene on Jomtien beach road

It apparently took officers 30 minutes to coax the woman out of the waters after there wasn’t many volunteers to enter the surly rather chilly water.

Eventually Miss Zhang Yan, 40, did exit the water and was quickly covered up as a crowd had begun to form as many locals believed that the white figure was a ghost called “PheePhrai” and were probably rather disappointed when a soaking wet Chinese woman eventually emerged from the water.

After being covered with a towel, officers decided the best course of action was to take her to the police station as she was talking in Chinese and not making a lot of sense.

The witness that called the police said the woman was walking along the shore shouting in a foreign language before stopping removing her cloths and running into the water, which at that point they called the police.

VIDEO : Skinny dipping Chinese woman causes a scene on Jomtien beach road

There is no report of what happened to Ms Zhang after she was taken to the police station other than she spoke with a female officer.

This is the second incident of skinny dipping Love Pattaya has reported on in the last couple of days after a Russian couple were caught naked on Pattaya beach road.

Remember guys it’s against the law to go out in public in Thailand without wearing underwear, so try and remember that next time you go for a swim

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Source : Tnews

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