Snapchat have released a slightly controversial new feature that is dividing opinions of its users.

We all know how hard it can be to find your friends on a big night out in the city well Snapchat have put an end to that with its new upgrade.

Snap Map uses your location and speed of travel to provide your friends with your location in real time and shares it on an interactive map on the app.

By pinching the home screen camera you will bring up a map accurate enough to find your friends whereabouts on any given street.

Now the feature is optional, you can go into ‘ghost mode’ where your location will not be shared with your friends however you can still see your mates that haven’t turned the feature off.

VIDEO : Snap Maps, Snapchat's New Feature That Shares Your Location In Real Time

Now several key issues have been raised around this new map primarily children’s safety.

Parents are being urged to monitor what information there children are sharing via social media over growing concerns over who their kids might be sharing the information with.

While the new location sharing sounds good on paper how long will it be before the app is used to catch someone doing something they perhaps shouldn’t be.

Source : Independent

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