It looks like one Swiss couple won’t be having a very merry Christmas after being caught stealing a notebook computer from a Thai passenger at Suvarnabhumi Airport and now look to be spending Christmas here in prison.

The couple were arrested last week in connection to the theft of a passengers notebook computer which was estimated to be worth 40,000 baht.

Only identified as Anna, 56, and Romano, 61, they allegedly stole the notebook when they arrived here in Thailand back in October but were recognised by airport security trying to board a plane home on November 24 and detained until the police could arrive.

"Sneaky" Swiss couple to spend Xmas behind bars after airport theft

Both denied any involvement of the theft but a search of their luggage found the notebook inside one of their cases and CCTV footage was presented showing the theft being carried out.

In the footage Anna can be seen sitting next to the notebook which had been left unattended by the Thai passenger.

"Sneaky" Swiss couple to spend Xmas behind bars after airport theft

The crafty woman then uses her jacket to cover the notebook before walking off with it and her husband.

The couple were branded by Thai media as “sneaky.”

The pair are reportedly now griping that they look set to spend Christmas and New Years behind bars as their trial is not until January 11.

What’s that old saying don’t commit the crime if you’re not prepared to do the time.

Source : Thaivisa

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