Posted by Bikkychiangmai on Friday, 21 July 2017

A video was posted on Facebook after CCTV caught a western tourist attempting to do a U-turn but it all goes very wrong very quickly for the poor guy.

The rider who will probably think twice about riding a bike again attempts a U-turn in a narrow Soi in the HuayKaew area when he loses control and tries to mount a parked car.

Some people shouldn't ride motorbikes and this is an example of one

Obviously panicked the wannabe stuntman fled the scene but later returned to straighten the cars damaged mirror and try and clean some of the red paint off of the car left by his bike.

The owner of the car, a Honda CRV was the manager of a local motorbike rental shop and soon found out the tourist had rented his bike from a rival firm.

Some people shouldn't ride motorbikes and this is an example of one

It was reported that everything was sorted out with money for the damages and the time the car was off the road and the police were not involved.

The footage was posted online by a man called Kheen on his bike shop page “Bikkychianggmai” who stated that the tale had a “happy ending.”

Kheen told media reporters that rental agencies should perform checks to make sure that customers have the correct licenses and are capable of competently riding a motorbike before renting one.

He said in this instance the rider was clearly not competent on a bike

Source : Sanook

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