The tale of the angry noodle soup thrower appears to have come to an end after making national headline last week when a woman who was unhappy over the portion of soup she was given decided to hurl the scolding soup at a vendor.

Has now been charged with battery and has payed compensation to the victim.

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The soup slinger Naruemon Wanlee, 22, has reached an agreement with the victim to pay her 20,000 baht in compensation after Kham Loongtha, 26, had to receive medical treatment to burns on her chest and neck from the hot soup.

According to Kham, Naruemon ordered Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao (rice noodle soup topped with spicy pork) from her stall in Sathitam on November 4.

Soup thrower charged with battery, pays compensation to victim

However she was unhappy about the size of the portion she was given and demanded a bigger size, when she was told this would not be possible Naruemon launched the soup at the unsuspecting vendor.

The whole incident was captured on CCTV and widely shared online with many unkind comments directed at the hangry soup thrower.

Soup thrower charged with battery, pays compensation to victim

Following a meeting at the Chang Phuek police station yesterday, Naruemon agreed to pay the victim 20,000 baht in compensation to cover the hospital bills and the 10 days of lost income where Naruemon could not work, bringing the noodle soup saga to a close.

Police have also charged Naruemon with battery after she voluntarily turned handed herself in on November 10.

Naruemon declined to comment to reporters what prompted her to throw the soup she only said “I have no excuse, it won’t happen again” before offering a wai of apology.

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