Ever had the problem of waking up from a night out and have a portion of your evening missing from your memory after one to many beverages?

Well now that Snap’s Spectacles are available to order direct from amazon missing memories from a night out could be a thing of the past.

SnapVIDEO : Snap’s Spectacles Are Now Available Directly From Amazon

The glasses available in three colours black, coral and teal, able to record 10-30 second video clips from a unique eye-level perspective and the footage can be viewed, edited and if you want shared with your friends all on your smartphone.

A spinning wheel of light in the corner of the glasses lets people know the camera is rolling.

The glasses are priced at 4,500 baht (130$) so if you’re a photography enthusiast, looking to document a holiday or if you just want to remember what you get up to on a night out these might be a product for you.

Source : Theverge

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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