A CCTV video has been doing the rounds on social media after it showed a man dressed as Spiderman rushing to the aid of a motorcyclist who had been knocked of their bike into traffic.

Comments online praised the masked hero’s bravery for quickly rushing to the scene and preventing the rider from being hit by other traffic.

The clip which was shared online by Tha Yang police showed the moment the motorbike was hit after it pulled out in front of a pick-up truck sending the rider crashing into the tarmac and his bike left wedged under the pick-up.

VIDEO : Spiderman to the rescue after traffic accident in Thailand

Then out of nowhere Spiderman rushes to the aid of the downed motorbike rider.

The identity of the heroic webslinger on this occasion was not Peter Parker but local celebrity Wasan or “Mark” as he is also known who sells garlands and trinkets at the three way intersection nearby.

He told reporters he used to be a “likay” performer but since giving it up had been dressing as various superheroes to sell his wares at the intersection and put a smile on motorist’s faces.

There was no report given by police over the outcome of the traffic accident.

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