Retail giant Tesco Lotus announced yesterday that they had fired an employee after a video of her went viral showing a heated argument with a customer who she then verbally abused and ridiculed after he travelled to the store via bicycle.

After the video of the heated confrontation went viral it’s fairly easy to see why Tesco Lotus made the decision to fire the cashier.

The customer in the clip requested to remain anonymous apparently went to the shop in the Lat Krabang area of Bangkok to purchase seven bags of sugar and two cases of fish sauce.

The argument occurred after the cashier informed the anonymous man that there was a limit on the amount of sugar he could purchase which was six bags.

VIDEO : Tesco Louts fires cashier that called customer sh*tty in viral vid

When the man explained that he had not seen any sign restricting the amount of sugar he could buy the cashier replied with “why don’t you open your eyes and look.”

Allegedly the cashier then refused to ring up any of the man’s items because he was “poor and got to the store on a bike” which resulted to the argument which was captured on tape.

During the argument the cashier says “Sh*tty customers deserve to be scolded at,” the customer attempted to explain that he was buying the items in bulk to resell.

The customer not going down without a fight fired back “yes I’m poor that’s why I shop here and resell items, if you’re so rich why do you work here.”

The argument needless to say only got more heated with more foul language used from then on out.

Tesco Lotus released a statement apologizing for their employee’s actions and stated that she has since been fired.

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