Thai man finds cockroach in meal, attempting to sue for 6 million baht

A very unhappy Thai gentleman has posted a video on Facebook showing his horrifying discovery of a cockroach in his fried egg whilst out eating a meal at Central Chiang Mai Airport’s food court.

Since posting the video Thanapiphat Chaitanatanatat has filed an official complaint with Damrongdhama Centre in Chiang Mai and said he intends to sue the company involved for the rather large sum of 6 million baht (around $183,000) for eating the food which contained a cockroach…. Good luck with that.

Thanapiphat was eating a meal consisting of garlic pork with rice and a fried egg and had eaten roughly half of the portion when he made the discovery last Friday.

His post claimed online that the manager offered him a refund for his meal, which he refused to take stating when he did so the manager apologised and left.

Thanapiphat said he is suing for the sum of 6 million baht for two reasons, three million for being made to eat food containing the cockroach and the second reason is to use the other half of the money to help other people who have suffered similar incidents claim compensation.

Thai man finds cockroach in meal, attempting to sue for 6 million baht

There have been several reports this year of people in Thailand finding cockroaches in foods and drinks just a couple of months ago Love Pattaya Thailand reported on the case of a man who found cockroach legs in his McDonald’s coffee.

There have however been no reports so far this year of anyone in Thailand attempting to sue those involved for such a high amount of compensation.

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