“Bun Bang Fai” the annual rocket festival celebrated in the northeastern region of Isaan is celebrated with huge pomp and show to please the Rain Gods to shower ahead of the rice-farming season.

Huge home-made rockets, religious processions, mud wrestling and plenty of booze-fuelled dancing to Thai country music with a competitive spirit, comprises the entire festival which is aimed at encouraging the beginning of the monsoon season.

Sunday, the sky was treated with huge home- made rockets and almost 500 spectators in Yasothon’s field.


A 48-year-old train station worker, Asan Luamakam taking part in the competition explained that these rockets require 10 people to create it.

The winner of the competition is based on how dramatically the rockets take off, how far they fly and how pretty a smoke trail they leave.

Source : The Jakarta Post

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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