Thai PM brakes out cardboard cut-out to field reporter’s questions

Now who says Thailand’s Prime Minister doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Like many times before a large crowd of reporters gathered outside of the Government House in Bangkok with long lists of questions for PM Prayut Chan-ocha however yesterday the Prime Minister remained rather quiet when the questions started, this might be because the PM decided to leave answering the reporter’s questions up to a cardboard cut-out of himself.

It was Children’s day here in Thailand yesterday and the PM had a busy day handing out over 700 awards to the nation’s best and brightest students so he opted for his cardboard counterpart to field reporter’s questions in an act he described as “funny.”

Briefly addressing the crowd which had gathered the PM said “anyone who wants to ask a question, please do, now bring it out” at which point staff produced the Prime Ministers cardboard double.

Thai PM brakes out cardboard cut-out to field reporter’s questions

After his double was positioned centre stage the PM simply said “Bye” and left the reporters to it returning to his office which resulted in rapturous laughter from the reporters present.

The new quieter cardboard Prime Minister was reportedly a prop from last year’s Children’s day.

Source : The Nation

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