A rather attractive Bangkok school teacher is causing a stir on social media after posting a video singing a song designed to inspire her students to do their homework

The song which has a light hearted dig at students who don’t hand in their homework but still expect good grades has been viewed over 600,000 times and shared all over social media since being posted on Friday.


VIDEO : Beautiful Thai teacher has internet citizens wanting to learn again

The video of the 28-year-old life science teacher PhusanusaGoonnasit or Saipan will surely make anyone watching it want to hand in their homework to the conscientious teacher whether there a student or not.

Saipan told the media that she has always loved to sing and makes up her own songs and uses them to teach her students in a fun and imaginative way.

She said like all teachers she has those students who do not hand in assignment and she wanted to do something different to get them to hand their homework in on time.

Well the result of the video has a lot of extra people wanting to go back to school and learn what Saipan is teaching.

VIDEO : Beautiful Thai teacher has internet citizens wanting to learn again

Since posting the video the young teacher who works at Sam Sen Withaya school, now has over 10,000 followers who roughly half of have shared her video, clearly all of whom are impressed with her teaching methods.

She said gone are the days when you could just expect students to listen and remember the information, you need to find ways to inspire students and that sometimes means coming up with creative ways to get information across.

If internet comments are anything to go by then this teacher is getting top marks from all of her new fans.

Source : Dailynews

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