The Thai woman has spoken out to defend her walk around an off-limits area at Yellowstone National Park after the video clip of her and others was posted online showing their supposed trespassing

Speaking via telephone she was interviewed by Thai Channel 3 and said she was unaware that the area they were in was dangerous because the warning sign posted there was very small.

She defended her actions saying that she was not trespassing and had not broken any rules, she said “Had I broken a rule, I would have been given a warning from park officials.”

VIDEO : Thai woman defends trespassing allegations at Yellowstone Park

She believed if tourists were not supposed to have been in the area there would have been bigger warning signs or the area would have been fenced off.

The woman drew criticism online after the clip was posted on July 27.

The clip does feature the warning sign but it is quite small and installed almost at ground level making it possible that the group may have not noticed it.

VIDEO : Thai woman defends trespassing allegations at Yellowstone Park

The actions of the woman were heavily criticised online with some saying they were embarrassed that people from their country were “acting like idiots.”

There were some comments of sympathy however with posters commenting “there is a language barrier and the tiny sign was basically on the ground.”

There have been several deaths at the thermal pools in the National Park over the years and park officials strongly advise tourists to keep to marked pathways.

Source : Thenation

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