It seems that taxi drivers upset as many Thai people as they do foreigners, for many of the nations people, have taken to Facebook to escalate issues, which many thought only applied to farangs.

The public appear to have had enough of taxi drivers declining fares and have vented their frustration online. Some ladies have posted a video, which shows a succession of cabs, driving by and refusing to stop.

VIDEO : Thais Hit Back At Taxi Drivers Who Refuse To Take Them

The ladies have said they are tired of hearing the same old excuses from the nations cabbies.

So why don’t the taxi drivers pick up any fare? Why are they so selective?

Let’s look at some of the classic reason’s given to discontented people.

“We only pick up farangs”. Many use this because they seek a larger tip or they can overcharge unsuspecting tourists. In the same vein, some will say “I only pick up Thais”, meaning your journey is too short for me to bother with you or Thai’s never tip.”

The problem appears to be rife in Bangkok. In Pattaya you are less likely to be declined by a cab driver but get to know the fare structure fast, if you want save money and ALWAYS get a price before entering the vehicle.

But in the capital, excuses for not taking you are plentiful. Check out some of these justifications for turning down a hire.

VIDEO : Thais Hit Back At Taxi Drivers Who Refuse To Take Them

“I need to put fuel in my cab”, “That is too far”, “I only take ladies”, “I only pick up foreigners”, “The traffic is too busy, get a Tuk Tuk”.

But when they turn down their own people, the backlash has been incredible.

So tell us of your taxi stories. Have you ever been refused, overcharged or taken the long route?

Source : Tnews

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