For the 11th time in a month, the service of BTS Skytrain has been under question.

The BTS Skytrain suffered another “signaling system malfunction” on two of its major lines- the Silom and Sukhumvit lines, as announced by the official BTS Twitter page.

Continuous updates on the situation to avoid further chaos, the BTS Twitter page at 8:57 am finally confirmed that the situation was under control and services were ready for use.

The Morning News highlighted that this was the 11th time in a month and the 30th time since the starting of 2018 that the BTS services glitched.


Though the problem was resolved, the netizens faced yet another problem. Through flooding tweets, passengers reported that reaching destinations seemed impossible as the train moved extremely slow, halting for more than 30 minutes almost at every station.

“BTS without the BS” an English-language account took the occasion to criticize the BTS in their famous satirical way. It was perhaps their way to respond to the foreigner complaints every now and then that the announcements made on the train were in Thai, leaving the foreigners clueless.

At different stations, a refund was provided as ticket compensation for people who wanted to take alternative transport.

Khao Sod was reported by the director and COO of Bangkok Transit System Corporation (BTSC), Mr. Surapong Laoha-Unya, that the problem faced by the BTS was due to interference from an “unusual powerful signal”, coming from a building of a town.

The BTS is trying to permanently fix the problem and as per the reports, by Friday situations will be resolved.

This situation has triggered people and now they have started with an online petition, a petition on to return the system to the government from the private company that the BTS currently belongs to.

While the BTS tries to overcome the problem, take a look at the posts, which are today’s best internet jokes rather remarks on the main transportation services.

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