A Toyota mechanic has spoken out after being hailed a hero for his actions which saved the lives of two men who were trapped in a pick-up that was being dragged along by flood water in SakonNakorn.

Part of the heroic rescue was caught on camera and posted online which shows the pick-up being swept along with the two occupants inside and about to be dragged into a klong (canal) before Phongpgat “Joe” Saengsri and two colleges helped the passengers to safety.

Toyota mechanics came to the aid of two stricken occupants of a pick-up truck that was on the verge of being washed into a canal by flood waters.

Joe said he made a snap decision to help having only seconds to respond before the truck was pulled below the flood waters.

He tried to get the passengers to open the window of the truck but when they didn’t he tried to break them by kicking them.

Eventually one of the passengers did get a window open and the three rescues pulled the two men to safety.

Joe said “we only has a matter of second to save them, it really was that close.”

VIDEO : Toyota mechanics to the rescue, saving two men from drowning

He said the majority of comments that he had seen online about his and his two colleagues, TheerapongThipprawat and PhoominPhiaphak had been positive but was surprised by a few negative comments criticizing their rescue efforts.

Who knows what might have happened if they hadn’t got the two men out of the car before it was washed into the klong.

Source : Thairath

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