The two women who recently went topless on Facebook live as part of a promotional stunt were charged on Thursday with violating the Compute Crimes Act.

Thanyakarn “Meya” Rojin, 23, and Kanchanaicha “Kik” Buranon, 21, handed themselves in to the Khen district police after a warrant was issued for their arrest on Tuesday after an official complaint was made over their behaviour.

Two women who went topless on Facebook charged with computer crimes

Meya spoke to reporters in tears saying that she didn’t want to do the aforementioned stunt but had to do it out of necessity to support her family alleging that the site that hired her would pay her more for higher amounts of likes and shares the post receives.

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The two women’s promotional antics violated Section 14, subsection 4 of the Computer Crimes Act, which states it is a criminal offense to upload obscene material to a public forum which carries a maximum jail term of 5 years and a 10,000 baht fine.

Police released the pair on bail set at 75,000 baht as they were not deemed a flight risk and continue to investigate the website that hired them.

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