Uber Thailand has teamed up with Bangkok’s local motorbike taxi organisation known as “Win” to launch UberMOTO, which will provided a motorbike service similar to that of Uber.

Users will need to download the app to their smartphone then they will be able to request a motorbike form the closest stand that’s part of win.

Siripa Jungsawat, general manager of Uber Thailand described the new service as a great fit for a fast-paced city such as Bangkok, where people are always in need of quick transportation.

UberMOTO an on-demand motorbike service launches in Bangkok

People using the service will be able to track their journey via GPS and the app also offers the “share your trip” function which allows you to share your journey with friends and family members.

The service is currently available in downtown Bangkok areas including Sathorn, Silom and Asok with plans to expand further across the city already under way.

The amount people will be charged depends on the journeys distance and the time it takes to complete the trip.

VIDEO : UberMOTO an on-demand motorbike service launches in Bangkok

Trips start from 15 baht and the first five kilometres charged at 5 baht per kilometre, after five kilometres it will increase to 10 baht per kilometre and 1 baht per minute is added to the overall charge of the trip.

Customers will be able to either use cash or credit card to pay for their journey.

Source : Thenation

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