A man, with a passion for women’s underwear is being sought by police, following the theft of panties from an apartment block in Phuket, thanks to the power of CCTV.

The knicker thief came to light when tenants became aware that their drying underwear was going missing and decided to notify police.

VIDEO : Underwear Thief Sought In Phuket

Upon inspection of the CCTV system, a man was seen parking his motorbike, entering the building and walking along the main corridor of the block, where the undergarments were hanging on racks to dry. He gathers a few pairs of briefs before walking on.

He then enters a laundry room and helps himself to a bra.

He places the items of clothing into a plastic bag before returning to his bike and disappearing into the darkness.

VIDEO : Underwear Thief Sought In Phuket

The incident occurred just before 01:00 on the 30th of September. He was wearing a grey T-shirt with a Thai Phrase written on the back, which translates to “Rescuer Rescue”. He is also wearing dark blue trousers, possibly jeans.

One witness who declined to be named said other similar incidents had happened at rental properties but we never imagined that it would occur here.

Fears have arisen that the underwear thief could return and possible harm the ladies living in the apartments.

At present the police are trying to identify the make, model and registration of the bike used, which in turn could lead to the man’s arrest.

In the meantime, anyone in the Phuket area whose husband or boyfriend returns home with an unexplained hoard of underwear, should contact the local police.

Source : Thephuketnews

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