Probably the last thing you would want to hear when getting into bed is the hiss of a snake but unfortunately for one Thai woman that was exactly what she heard.

Kesinee Jittakit, 53, was getting ready to go to bed on Thursday night (October 5) when she heard a sinister hissing sound.

To Kesinee’s horror she discovered a 10ft long python nestled under her bedroom table amongst shoe boxes.

Not wasting any time the mother-of-two quickly fled the house and called the local police who sent a team of snake wranglers to deal with the unwelcome guest.

The team briefly tangled with the rather large and angry serpent before it was securely stored in a large sack ready to be released back into the wild.

The experts believed the snake had entered the house eyeing Kesinee’s cat Mandalay for dinner.

Kesinee said “I was going to bed when I spotted the snake, it scared me more than I have ever been scared before.”

The rescue workers who apprehended the python said that the recent rains probably resulted in the snake leaving its natural habitat before going after the owner’s cat for dinner.

Source : Pattayaone

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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