Many people online have weighed in with their opinions after a four minute long video surface on social media showing a large python being forced to regurgitate its lunch.

Which happened to be in this case a prize winning rooster from the Pathum Thani province.

The description which went along with the video stated that the birds owner awoke and noticed that some of his cocks weren’t crowing so went to investigate and found two of in his words “his favourite birds” missing and in the rafters in their place was a large python with a rather sinister looking bulge in its belly.

VIDEO : 15-foot python coughs up prize winning rooster meal in Thailand

The owner of several prize winning cocks Nut Wattana lives in the Pathum Thani province which is just a couple of hours from the nation’s capital.

Upon discovering the large snake Nut called for help from wildlife rescue workers who once they arrived and captured the large snake encouraged it to cough up the large rooster which came out feet first (surely not very pleasant for the snake.)

Though the snake had only eaten one bird the body of another was found dead nearby.

VIDEO : 15-foot python coughs up prize winning rooster meal in Thailand

Nut said that the two dead birds was a loss of about 30,000 baht to him, ouch.

He said “I can’t save them now, they were two of my favourites” he said he didn’t hold any grudges against the snake for killing two of his birds he said it was just the snake’s instincts to do so.

Some commented online that it was cruel to make the snake regurgitate the rooster questioning what good it would do.

Rescue workers reportedly removed the snake and released it back into the wild hopefully far away from the remaining Pathum Thani roosters.

Source : Coconuts

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