When a beloved family cat goes missing here in Thailand the tale usually doesn’t have a happy ending and sadly for one moggy in Pathum Thani this story is no exception.

The cat’s owner 50-year-old Nom Pitsanu noticed the family pet had gone missing and after a brief look around his property found a likely cause for the young cat’s absence a 12-foot-long python curled up under some rubble by the side of the house.

Fearing the worst Nom called in rescue workers who were able to extract the large snake and when they did so all hopes of finding the family pet alive and well vanished after noticing the snake sporting an ominous bulge in its stomach.


Nom said he accepted that his pet “meow” had been eaten by the hungry python and told rescuers he didn’t want them to get the snake to regurgitate its prey.

Wildlife workers treated several cuts on the python which were sustained during its capture before placing it safely in a large sack to be released later back into the wild.

Nom said the snake must have slivered in during the night and grabbed the cat, he said “meow” was a lovely pet.

He said they have a fence and gates around the entire property but there is nothing they can do to keep out pythons if they want to come in.

Source : Pattayaone

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