VIDEO: Bangkok Is In For More Rain. Residents Stockpile Ingenuity, Humor, Not So Much Grace

Bangkok is in for a soggy week after the big wet shape of things to come exploded Friday.

In case you missed the memo, rainy season officially arrived late last month and will run into October. Forecast calls for rain daily for the next two weeks in Bangkok, where 80 percent of the capital will be drenched most days.

Facing a torrent of rain that overwhelmed the city’s defenses, paralyzed traffic and flooded at least 20 streets, residents Friday did what they do best. They got resourceful and, occasionally, hilarious.

Perhaps nothing said “making do” more than a video of two people rowing a boat down flooded Rama IX Road to 7-Eleven.

Asana Tharakhet decided it was a good time for water sports. But if this video of him failing to wakeboard in the soi is any indication, he was sorely wrong.

Two clever schoolboys found an ingenious way to avoid those nasty puddles and their pee-borne bacteria. “Are you guys trying too hard?” asked the Facebook page for Suankularb Wittayalai School students.

Shortly after, a teacher at the same school was seen taking a page from the student’s book by building a bridge of chairs to provide students dry passage.

Some people showed no concern about the recent health warning about leptospirosis-infected puddles – like this happy soul drinking beers and eating what’s either a bowl of soup or noodles in the middle of the downpour. It’s unclear who he is, where he is or what he was thinking, but we salute his complete dearth of giveable fucks.


Rewind a couple days and Facebook user GW PorPed Mandarin learned the dangers of a powerful monsoon first-hand when the windows of a Cafe Amazon in a mall in the Pak Kret district couldn’t handle the wild winds and completely shattered.

Traffic news agency JS100 posted the usual photos of car-submarine hybrids.

People inside taxis were not safe from the flood, as Twitter user @TwoJayJinda riding in Phaya Thai found out.

@Bluebird28437 actually spotted some fish swimming in a flooded streets

So brace yourselves, Thailand. For the next few weeks, it’s going to be wet.


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