On September 7th a Thai production company is releasing a horror that’s featuring Bangkok’s iconic abandoned ‘Ghost Tower’ directed by Sophon Sakdaphist

Both tourists and Thai’s alike love to sneak in to the 49-story decaying building despite trespassing being a well-known offense, to do selfies and tricks. The building was a project started in 1990. It was originally meant to be a piece of culture for Bangkok.

However, unfortunately when the financial crisis hit in 1997 the eighty percent complete tower had to be left unfinished. This has made it the perfect place for graffiti and haunted rumours.

‘The Promise’ is about two unhappy friends that promise they will both commit suicide together in the haunted tower. One survives and one doesn’t. The one who lives continues on and has a good life but twenty years later, the unlucky one returns to fulfil the promise.

That both their lives end in the spooky tower

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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