A 57-year-old British national was arrested after officers discovered him working on a construction site for 50 baht per day and having overstayed his visa.

While his name has yet to be released he told officers from the tourist police division he had no other choice but to work for 50 baht per day ($1.55) as his Thai girlfriend had stolen his Passport and bank cards and disappeared.

He told officers he had no choice but to work construction for less than the minimum daily wage as it was his only way to survive after his girlfriend had run off with all of his money.

British man arrested after being found working for 50 baht per day
British man arrested after being found working for 50 baht per day

Investigating officers are now looking into the man’s story and searching for his alleged now assumed ex-girlfriend.

The unnamed stranded Brit told officers that he met the Thai woman whilst on holiday and she invited him to stay at her home in Lopburi before taking his documents and money and disappearing.

He told officers that he was currently in the process of trying to save money to return back to the UK.

British man arrested after being found working for 50 baht per day

A statement was released by Pol. Maj. General Surachet the deputy commissioner for the Tourist Police Bureau who said that the man claims to be a retired postman from the UK who receives a monthly pension of £300 (13,000) per month but has not been able to access the money ever since his cards were stolen.

Since being arrested the British man told officers he would like to file a lawsuit against his former girlfriend for theft and investigating officers have reached out to the British Embassy in Bangkok for assistance in sending the man back to the UK.

The arrest came after a series of raids carried out on Thursday (January 4) across Bangkok resulting in the arrest of 9 foreign nationals.

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