A cheeky monkey in Chiang Mai got a right eyeful from a young American tourist after it was able to pull the young woman’s top down and luckily or unluckily depending on your point of view the whole incident was caught on camera.

The pairs meeting has been doing the rounds on social media and the woman in the footage was identified as Brittany Bowman from Los Angeles California according to popular website LadBible who also covered the cheeky monkey’s antics.

The clip which is just six seconds in length shows the monkey making quick work of the young woman’s crop top after he scurry’s up her leg and grabs a good handful.

Video: Cheeky monkey caught on camera pulling tourists top down

Brittany took it well and laughing attempts to prevent the little fella from causing a complete wardrobe malfunction before the monkey eventually obviously having seen enough let’s go of her top and darts back to his owner.

Perhaps this could serve as an important lesson, crop tops and monkeys don’t mix well together.

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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