Security camera footage from a temple in Ayuthaya is being widely shared on social media after a foreign man was recorded stealing money from the temple.

The video shows a currently unidentified foreign man stop his bicycle outside of the temple then casually smoke a cigarette before entering the temple and taking a look around, then thinking no one is watching steals 1,000 baht form a donation tree inside of the temple.

The tree also included several 500 baht and 100 baht notes but it seems he is just interested in the large 1,000 baht note before making a hasty exit.

VIDEO: Farang on a bike steals money donated to a temple in Ayuthaya

A monk at the temple, Phra Natthapong, 52, spoke with reporters telling them that the theft occurred at around 2pm on Sunday (February 4.)

Phra Natthapong said that several people had visited the temple and donated money that morning, he had left the chapel where the tree is housed for a short time and when he returned he noticed that something was not quite right so checked security camera footage.

VIDEO: Farang on a bike steals money donated to a temple in Ayuthaya

The man seen in the footage is believed to be between the ages of 40 and 45.

Currently the temple has not reported the matter to the police saying that they just want to make people in the area aware, however now this story is being widely shared online it will probably only be a matter of time before the police become involved.

Source : Thairath

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