A new video of a Thai rock band, completely made up of ageing musicians, has gone viral.

Thailand’s answer to the Rolling Stones, has band members as old as 86, yet they produce a sound that many younger Thai people will enjoy.

The band are called “Bennetty” and are as good as many musicians half their age.

The group are made up of members as young as 64 year of age and even have a senior citizen lady dancer, starring in their video. She is seen strutting her stuff through a deserted hospital to the sound of the band’s music.

VIDEO: Geriatric Rockers Wow Thailand With Their New Song

The song is sung in Thai, after the opening slogan, which translates to “Life and death are not scary things. The scary thing is letting your dreams die.”

86-year-old Boonserm Chuchuay, then plays the mouth organ to get the music underway.

VIDEO: Geriatric Rockers Wow Thailand With Their New Song

Maybe they could record a version of the old Mac Curtis song “Granddaddy’s Rockin’ which utilises the words:

My Granddaddy’s got long white hair
But I’ll can tell you now that he ain’t no square
As he sits and rocks, rocking in his rocking chair

So move over Mick Jagger and make way for the new, oldest swingers in town.

Source : Coconuts

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