Passenger on the inaugural flight from Suvarnabhumi to Dalat on Thai Vietjet were treated to an jaw-dropping mid-air surprise yesterday when a string of sexy stewardesses strutted down the aisle in floral bikinis.

Passengers hurriedly scrambled in bags and pockets to retrieve their mobile phones to take pictures and videos of the catwalk like show.

Once the flight landed the footage of the in-flight entertainment was quickly uploaded to Facebook where it was met with mixed reviews.

It was reported that the new route to Dalat is flying four times a week and means that Vietjet now has six routes flying in and out of Vietnam.

It was not only a special show that passengers on the flight were treated to they also received free gifts.

VIDEO : Passengers treated to a mid-air treat on Bangkok to Dalat flight

The stewardess’s normal uniform consists of a formal red uniform with red hat but many commented online that they preferred their floral costumes much more.

However some commented worryingly that this might reflect badly on Thailand’s cleaner image.

Source : Manager

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