Or did it? That is what many are asking.

Many of you will have read or at least be aware of the news story of a red Suziki Swift that blocked the route of an ambulance, which was heading to hospital with a critically ill patient.

The story was originally discovered on a Facebook post, written by one of the ambulance crew, who was complaining about the car’s driver and refusal to move out the way to let the ambulance pass.

VIDEO: Patient Dies As Car Blocks Ambulance

Now it has been revealed that the patient who was being transported by the emergency services, has since died. And to make matters worse, the driver of the red Suzuki, could actually be employed as an ER worker.

A spokesperson for the emergency team has said that those involved have failed to turn up for work. It was also stated that the incident has damaged emergency services reputation and that it should never have happened.

VIDEO: Patient Dies As Car Blocks Ambulance

There may even be a lawsuit raised against the original Facebook poster for defamation, after it was alleged that the ambulance driver could have passed to the left of the offending vehicle.

No matter what occurs as a result of the ongoing investigation, the authorities should never forget that someone lost their life.

No details have been provided regarding the deceased, however, our thoughts are with their friends and family at this sad time.

Source : Thairath

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