A video has been produced by Manager claiming that Pattaya is about to become Thailand’s version of Miami once beach restoration works are complete, the work is set to begin next month.

Yesterday it was reported that the sand ordered to carry out the restoration work on Pattaya Beach to repair a decade of erosion was not up to scratch according to the harbor master who vowed that authorities would source sand deemed good enough for Pattaya in time for the work to begin.

The upbeat video compares the resort city to places such as Miami in the US and says once the beach is made beautiful again even more people will flock to the city popular for its nightlife scene.

VIDEO: Pattaya to become Thailand's version of Miami?
VIDEO: Pattaya to become Thailand's version of Miami?

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All the heavy machinery and equipment has been moved into place workers now just require the sand to get work underway.

Opinions online were divided about the videos claims with some people excited about the prospects of a more Miami like Pattaya while others remained skeptical.

Source : Manageronline

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