Technology seems to be heading more towards what you might have seen in futuristic Syfy movies with Sony’s new touchscreen projector.

The product is being called the Xperia Touch is an android projector that can turn any flat surface into a touchscreen.

The Touch has been designed to act as a centre point for the house including such features as

a calendar, real-time weather updates allowing you to set reminders or record video memos. You can also play games and video call on the devise.

It can perform all the usual functions you would expect from an android tablet as well as being able to connect it to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The devise works by using SXRD projection display technology to determine a user’s

gestures and taps via infrared sensors and a 60 frames per second camera.

The devise is set to go on sale for the asking price of 53,000 baht (£1200)

Source : Sony

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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