VIDEO: Rumble In Ratchathewi, Raging Road Warriors Tune Out Screaming Girl

To the yells of bystanders and honks of cars, a motorcyclist slams his helmet violently into a taxi driver as the two tussle in the middle of a busy Bangkok road. 

The daytime rumble at the Rang Nam Junction in the capital’s Ratchathewi district went viral today online, but what shocked people the most was how the fight appeared to upset a girl scout who appears as an involuntary frontline witness.

“I saw a really hot-headed taxi today. … I don’t know who’s in the wrong, but I don’t think taxis should do things like this,” wrote Vin Diesel’s (not the one shooting in Krabi) along with the clip.

In the roughly one-minute video, a man in a dark blue shirt wallops a man in dark green with his helmet, who retaliates by picking his attacker up and swinging him around. About four bystanders rush to break up the fight, to little avail. It takes an ambulance rolling up with its sirens blaring to cool their testosterone-jets.

Throughout the altercation, a young girl in a blue girl scout uniform can be seen screaming at the pair, possibly trying to make it stop. At times she collapses to the floor, either afraid or frustrated. Some media reports have speculated she might be the battling biker’s daughter. As of publication time, “Vin Diesel’s” had not responded to requests for comment.

A witness told Thairath they heard the pair yelling at one another before leaving their vehicles to fight. At one point, the taxi driver removed his uniform before charging the other man, but the witness said it was unclear who instigated the fight.

As of publishing, the clip has since been viewed over 177,000 times and shared by over 300 people. Many expressed sympathy for the terrified girl scout.

Road rage and street rumbles are not unusual in Bangkok, where traffic runs thick, etiquette thin, and tempers short. Just last month, a 20-year-old was killed when a fight broke out between two rival Udom Suk motorcycle taxi groups. After that, police said they would be really extra supervigilant and strict when it comes to enforcing the laws.


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