If you mention the name Gordon Ramsay, most people will automatically think of a rambling, angry, tough talking, no nonsense chef, whose TV programs left many gobsmacked by his outbursts.

Few have been brave enough to answer him back when his rants commence but one Thai man known as Chang, did just that. The video, which is not new, has gone viral once again as netizens love to see the Scot getting some of his own treatment.

This particular incident occurred during Ramsay’s F Word television show. The famous chef decided to cook some “Pad Thai” at a Wimbledon Buddhist temple in London. The dish is of course one of Thailand’s favourite meals.

VIDEO: Ramsay Being Torn Apart Video Goes Viral Again

The chef asked for help from Chang, who is a chef at a local Thai restaurant but he bit off more than he could chew as things began to go wrong.

Ramsay said “I love Thai food. I love cooking it. I love eating it. But this has to be the most daunting task so far.”

However Chang found fault in Ramsay’s pad Thai and tears him apart.

Check out the video and see the motor mouth chef being ripped into by Chang.

Source : Unilad

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