VIDEO: Stupid Animals Get What’s Coming to Them at Bangkok Zoo

See emotionally damaged elephants tortured for human amusement at a place we labeled “animal hell” five years ago.

That’s right, instead of walking about the wild thinking they own the place, uppity elephants and scores of other species are being told, “Stay in your lane!” with the help of spikes driven into their bodies at the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

Whatever one thinks of PETA, its recent footage from the zoo promises some real animal-hating catharsis: see them kept on ridiculously short chains, bleeding from wounds, jabbed with spikes, forced to give rides, denied socialization, exploited for selfies and made to perform tricks.

After all, what good is an elephant foraging in a jungle somewhere when it could be bowling, painting or dancing for you? And how else can we capture our contempt for lesser species on Tinder without a captive wildlife profile pic?

The group released the additional footage and called attention to a recent National Geographic report on alleged “cruelty” endemic to Thailand’s animal-tourism industry.

PETA’s Jason Baker said animals at the Samutprakarn venue “see nothing but concrete, chains, and cages.” Thanks for the tip, Jason!

It was just six months ago the same zoo’s noble owner had to educate the public as to why some animals look horribly starved – so they can perform dangerous stunts, of course.

Because education is the best tonic for ignorance, want to know what happened to all those show elephants when they were babies? Check out the phajaan ritual here, it’s a blast.


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