For most people, being arrested for drunk driving is a demoralizing experience.

But then there’s this guy, who’s spirits appeared very much unbowed as he proceeded to dance for officers at a Chiang Mai police station after his arrest yesterday.

The video of his celebratory boogie is going viral today after being uploaded to the Mae Faek police station’s official Facebook account.

Mae Faek police explained that the unidentified dancing king was detained yesterday for driving a motorbike with a blood alcohol content of 210 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood. That exceeds Thailand’s legal limit of 50 milligrams four times over.

In the video, the man can be seen happily and energetically showing off his dance moves, which we can only describe to be a cross between an attempt at kung fu and beloved cartoon character Johnny Bravo’s boogie.

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t it a little unprofessional to upload video of a drunken arrestee onto a public platform? Probably. Then again, we’re talking about a police station where one of the officers actually danced with their DUI suspect with a gun still strapped to his waist.

Yes, sir. Let loose.

Despite breaking the law, the weed shirt-wearing dance machine appears to have brought many smiles and laughter to the police station as evidenced by the loud cheers that can be heard in the video’s background.

Unfortunately, regardless of his obvious entertainment value, the law is the law, and our dancing king was prosecuted for drunk driving all the same.

So, heed this cautionary tale, Coconauts. Next time your friend asks “how drunk is too drunk?” show them this video — no matter how good of a dancer they are.

Source: Coconuts


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