VIDEO: Thai ‘Hipster Grandma’ Serenades Small, Smitten Dog And Wins Hearts

With her little eyes falling shut and teenie head pressed up against 70-year-old Malinda Herman’s chin, the small Chihuahua is stricken by her rendition of More Than I Can Say. In the background, a kitty can be heard attempting to harmonize with the grandmother. 

That’s the moment that brought Malinda’s cover of the song to peak virality this week. The original video has since been watched 1.5 million times and shared more than 35,000 times, while being picked up by a number of outlets including 9Gag.

Malinda identifies herself as a “hipster grandmother” and says her doggo “Jiw Jam,” which basically translates to “Small & Pretty,” loves music.

In a recent interview, Malinda said Jiw Jam loves music and listening to her sing. Often, her little eyes shutter close and she falls asleep to the serenade.

Check out more of Malinda’s covers on her YouTube channel or Facebook page.


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