Love Pattaya have reported on several instances here in Thailand of snakes making appearances in people’s bathrooms, however it now seems monitor lizards want their turn in the spotlight.

It was reported earlier today that one elderly Thai man discovered a large monitor lizard chilling out in his shower making quite a mess by all accounts at his home just outside of Bangkok.

81-year-old Kimkhun Likitwattanaset from Samut Songkhram told reporters that he was saying his daily prayers when there was a loud bang originating from his bathroom, so naturally he went to see what was going on.

VIDEO : Thai man finds large monitor lizard chilling in his shower

He opened his bathroom door to discover a two-meter-long monitor lizard perched on his toiletry shelf.

He told reporters “I just locked it in there, obviously it climbed the wall and knocked over stuff everywhere.”

Handling the situation a lot better than most probably would he even stopped to take a few quick pictures of the cheeky lizard before contacting local wildlife rescuers.

VIDEO : Thai man finds large monitor lizard chilling in his shower

Rescue workers arrived and with the aid of a rope took about 10 minutes to catch the large lizard before taking it away to be released back into the wild.

At this time neither Kimhkun or the rescue workers have any idea how the sizable lizard got into the bathroom as the chance of it coming up through the toilet like some snakes have been known to do is very unlikely due to its size.

Just last week a snake surprised a Bangkok woman in the shower emerging out of her squat toilet.

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