Caution if you’re afraid of snakes you might not want to read this.

A housewife from the Chachoengsao province found a very unexpected and unwanted surprise when she walked into her bathroom Sunday morning discovering a 10ft long python curled up next to her toilet.

48-year-old Chalisa Sunthorn said she screamed and fled after noticing the giant snake sleeping next to the toilet.

Video: Thai woman finds 10ft-long python in her bathroom

It is believed that the large python slithered up through the pipes and out of the toilet before resting peacefully on the bathroom floor.

Chalisa called for help from her 18-year-old daughter who quickly telephoned wildlife rescue workers to come and deal with the serpent.

A video was posted online showing rescue workers tackle the large snake which tries to put up a fight as it is dragged out through Chalisa’s living room onto an outside patio where it is safely stored in a sack ready to be relocated.

Video: Thai woman finds 10ft-long python in her bathroom

Chalisa speaking about the incident said “I was sleepy at the time, it’s lucky I noticed the snake or it might have gotten me.”

She said that the whole incident makes her sick thinking about it and that she is too afraid to go back into the bathroom.

Rescue workers checked the snake over for injuries before later releasing it back into the wild.

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