Thailand’s Tourist Police under the command of Surachet Hakpal have made their intentions very clear releasing a new video stating they are going after people who have entered the kingdom illegally or have overstayed their visas.

It was noted that the announcement referred too many of their targets as being people of “dark skin.”

The video released by the tourist police department showcases previous actions taken as well as future plans to tackle offenders.

Video: Tourist Police coming for over-stayers and illegal immigrants

Deputy Commissioner Surachet is featured in the video as being the driving force behind the campaign.

The Deputy Commissioner has been busy over the past couple of months arresting several call center gangs with the aid of his officers here in Thailand.

Video: Tourist Police coming for over-stayers and illegal immigrants

Speaking about the new campaign Surachet refers to “dark skinned” people as their prime targets who many of are pretending to be school teachers or footballers all the while carrying out criminal activities according to the deputy commissioner.

He goes on to explain what actions his department will take to tackle such offenders.

The video comes after a series of raids which took place in Bangkok last week where over 100 people were arrested for either overstaying visas or illegally entering the kingdom, it was stated that most of those arrested were either from African nations or India.

Source: Tourist Police

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