VIDEO: Tourists Drawn to Thai Temple's Golden David Beckham

A Thai temple has installed a golden statue of David Beckham, adding a surprise element to the tourist attraction.

Pariwat temple, in Bangkok, engraved the Beckham statue two decades ago, when Manchester United made history by being the first English football club to win the treble of trophies, and have found that he continues to draw a crowd today.

The statue, built in a traditional garuda style holding up the altar, features Beckham’s Nineties floppy hairstyle and Manchester United jersey.

“I’m impressed with the sculpture. It can bring people, including kids, to visit the temple more,” said tourist Thitima Munmai, as she snapped pictures of the statue with her phone.

Wolverine, Superman and Pikachu are there too, chosen as they are considered good symbols, who can help to protect Buddhism.


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